Shipping and tax

Shipping from Japan is easy fast efficient

Fedex/DHL Japan

Fedex/DHL Japan offer great shipping solution for efficient and express delivery. (highly recommend it for any shipment)

- DHL express 2-5 days delivery, max limits: 100 kg Max length 3 (depending on destination)

- Fedex express 2-5 days delivery, max limits: 80 kg Max length 3 (depending on destination)

Shipping costs are calculated on volume weight + wrapping.

Special shipping: Special shipping can be organized on request. (Pallet or Container)

Track your DHL Japan shipping here

Japan Post

Japan Postal service offers top quality shipping services. Here are 4 different shipping methods you can request.

- EMS (Express Traced Mail Insured) 2-5 working days delivery, max limits: 30 kg, 0.25 m3 (USA limitations 0.15m3)
- SAL (Surface Air Lifted Traced) 2 weeks delivery excluding holidays, max limits: 20 kg, 0.25 m3  (USA limitation 0.1 m3)
not currently available
- Surface (Surface Traced) 1-4 months delivery according to location, max limits: 20 kg,  0.1m3)
- Small Packet (Air Mail Registered) 2-3 weeks delivery excluding holidays, max limits: 2 kg, a+b+c= 90 cm

Shipping costs are calculated on size, weight, speed, wrapping. Please contact us for shipping info.
Combined shipping of several items can create variable volumes and weights. For combine shipping please request shipping estimates.

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Please know:

The above shipping time is an estimate according to Japan Post Fedex DHL average WW delivery time. Please take in consideration customs delays, bank holidays and week ends. For any urgent delivery please contact for delivery estimate.

All items purchased will be shipped with invoice attached reporting items value and shipping fee, customs fees will apply according to each country rule. Regarding customs fees and local taxes please inquire at your local custom/tax office.

Import fees - Custom duties - local VAT tax

Your shipment may be taxed by your country customs and local tax/fees may be applied. Please verify with your local custom and tax office, all orders will be shipped with commercial invoice attached, any custom fee or taxation will be based on provided shipping invoice documentation. (tax/fees are not refundable)

Import fees, custom duties and local VAT tax are costs that buyer will may need to pay in order to have items delivered.
You can check at this link how much you will need to pay if any payment is required:

UK BUYERS please read this information:

Japanese national tax

Japanese national tax and VAT will apply to all shippings to Japanese territory destination. 

All orders to non Japanese territory destinations will not have Japanese national tax/VAT.